Why restaurants need local SEO

Why restaurants need local SEO

Restaurants in South Florida need to make it easy for tourist and natives to find them. Non-locals will rely heavily on search engines to find the best breakfasts or dinner locations.

Are you a local restaurant looking to boost your business? A local SEO strategy is the recipe your restaurant needs! With the help of a SEO Miami agency your business will rise above the competition.

What is local SEO?

A website allows you to reach consumers anywhere in the world. But if you’re a local restaurant in South Florida, you probably don’t want all your traffic to be from another state.

Local SEO allows you to optimize your website to target a specific area by using the correct keywords and geographical location, your site will be easier to reach.

You can make your website local SEO friendly with the help of a digital marketing agency. They’ll have the tools and knowledge to help your site be more searchable by location.

Why local restaurants need SEO?

For restaurants that are in a tourist location, it’s essential for non-locals to be able to find your business. Local SEO will make it easier for your website to rank higher and make the front page of search engines.

How to get started

An online presence doesn’t start overnight. Restaurants need to start by creating a digital marketing strategy that targets their audience. With a little help of a SEO Miami agency, your restaurant's online presence can  grow.

Know your audience.

First things first, restaurants need to have a specific audience they want to attract. What’s your restaurant theme? If it’s a vegan restaurant, the last thing you want to do is target people who only eat meat and vice versa. Ask yourself these questions before you start creating a strategy or sitting down with a SEO Miami agency.

  1. Who is your target audience?

  2. Where do they live?

  3. Do they have a family?

  4. Do they prefer beer or wine?

  5. What’s their food preferences?

  6. Is it casual or fine dining?

Get social.

If you’re targeting a younger audience, you’ll want to ensure you have a strong social media presence. Showcasing everything from the restaurant's atmosphere and dishes will help people to picture themselves there.

Ninety-nine percent of millennials and gen z are using social media and reviews to choose restaurants. They rely on the opinion of their friends, family and influencers to try a new restaurant. Keeping an active social media presence is key to attracting younger generations.

Plus, take into account which audiences you’re targeting to use the correct form of social media. If you’re targeting an older audience, you probably don’t want to use Snapchat

Check out the competition.

Keeping an eye on the competition is always a good idea. See what’s working for them and how to make this work for your business. Check out their website, social media and promotions. Learn from their mistakes and success to see what might work for your restaurant.

If you need help creating a local SEO strategy, contact us! At Ocean Front Media, we’re a SEO Miami agency that helps local restaurants build or increase their online presence with the help of our digital marketing experts.  


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