Why pop-up shops need digital marketing and a website

Why pop-up shops need digital marketing and a website

If you haven’t gone to a pop-up shop in Miami, do you even live in Miami? Probably not! Pop-up shops are growing in popularity throughout the United States !

The experience, unique events and quirkiness are what's drawing people to pop-up shops.  Do you need a new outfit? Or, do want to try a new restaurant at your convenience? Pop-up shops range from retail to food businesses. There's really no limit to these shops. 

For a pop-up shop to be successful, you need more than just the perfect location. Your business needs a killer website and digital marketing strategy. With the assistance of a Miami agency, you can have both!

What are pop-up shops?

Pop-up shops are temporary retail establishments in a specific location for a certain amount of time. Normally, they're open between a few days to weeks. Brands big and small use these shops to give consumers a one-on-one experience with their brand.

Who has used pop-shops?

Big names like Nike have jumped on the pop-shop trend. To celebrate their new shoe launch, they opened a pop-up boutique to allow customers to create unique Air Max!

Miami is no exception! We have spa pop-up parties to pop-up ice-cream shops!

Research indicates that when it comes to pop-up shops, consumers are looking for unique products or services that provide a convenient and fun experience! Typically, businesses that have pop-up shops don’t do it for quick sales but for branding. They’re trying to get consumers to see them from a new perspective.

Why pop-up shops need a website?

Nowadays, having a website for your business is necessary to get social proof! People are searching the internet to make their next purchases or look for a service. Pop-up shops are no exception.

Having a website will give your shop the social proof it needs. Ninety percent of people are looking at reviews before making a purchase. Relying only on review sites like Yelp and Foursquare will get you so far.

When your business lacks a permanent location, a website is even more important! A site is your digital location where customers can see where and when your next pop-up event is. Potential consumers will be able to search on Google and find your business!

Why pop-ups shops need a digital marketing strategy?

Once you have your website completed, it’s time to create a digital marketing strategy. Pop-shops don’t stay in a single location forever, that’s why is even more important to let your target audience know where you are!

A good digital marketing strategy includes social media. It’s one of the most effective ways to spread the word about your pop-up. Social media allows you to reach your audience and show them what they can expect.

Business can use social media to connect with the audience and even use social media influencers to further promote your pop-up! Social media platforms like Instagram can be used to do live streaming of the events to bring in crowds. If your customers share pictures or comments about their experience, that is just as good as a review!

If you’re looking to give your pop-up shop a new website or digital marketing strategy, contact us! We’re a Miami agency who loves helping pop-up shops build brand awareness and grow!

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