Why businesses shouldn’t ignore social media stories?

Why businesses shouldn’t ignore social media stories?

In case you missed it, social media stories are the biggest thing on about every social media platform. From Facebook, Snapchat and even Youtube now has the capability to post short stories that customers can see and interact with. With the help of a social media marketing agency Miami expert, you can take advantage of this trend to reach more audience and better connect.

Social media stories are vertical pictures or videos that can be shared with followers. They are different than posting on a feed, because they disappear after 24-hours. For Instagram users, you can highlight those stories on your profile page for people to see.

What first started the whole social media craze of short stories was Snapchat. This social media platform was launched in October of 2013. A couple of years later and other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook jumped on the story wagon. Now about every social media giant allows users to share short videos and pictures.

How stories work?

As of this moment, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for stories. There are more than 300 million daily story users on Instagram. That accounts for 60 percent of their users.

To post a story on your business’ profile; all you need to do is open Instagram and hit the button that says “your story.”

There you can take or upload a picture you have already taken. Videos can also be uploaded, but they can only be 15 seconds long.

Why businesses need to incorporate stories to their social media strategies?

Stories have grown in popularity mainly because of their limited viewing. Normally, when social media users post they are permanent. With stories, users can upload an image or video throughout their day without having to edit. It creates a more realistic view of everyday life. Here are the reasons a social media marketing agency Miami suggests you to include stories to your social media strategy.

Easier to reach target audience

For businesses, stories are a convent feature that reach the correct target audience. Potential customers can be quickly swiping through family and friends stories and see a businesses post. It is an easy way for businesses to get the attention of the customers, unlike posts.

Facebook and Instagram are continually making althogrim changes that make it difficult for business’ post to get seen. Stories are an easy way for companies to get their products/services to the user.

Broader reach

Just like posting any picture or video on Instagram, stories allow users to each even more personal with geotags and hashtags. Businesses need to use the proper hashtags with the help of a marketing company to reach the correct audience. Getting down to the hashtags that users are using and viewing will broaden your business’ reach.

Grow relationships with customers

Interaction and connecting with customers is key to the a successful business. What better way to achieve this than with stories. Stories allow businesses to share their everyday life with consumers. Polls, questions and music suggestions are all available with one little app. You can get instant results of what consumers what to see.

Let a social media marketing agency Miami expert help you create and manage your Instagram stories. At Ocean Front media, we want to help you reach your business goals. Let us help establish and manage your social media presence.

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