Why businesses need mobile-friendly websites

Why businesses need mobile-friendly websites

Have you ever actually seen a person who’s not glued to their phone? Those people are rare like unicorns! In the United States, 230 million of consumers own smartphones and 100 million own tablets. Out of all those smartphone users,  79 percent have made a purchase online using their mobile device.

If you’re looking to update your website, it’s important to note that your site should work on all kinds of devices. A site could work correctly on a computer but leave you struggling on a smartphone. Before you sit down with a web developer,  take time to learn the benefits of mobile-friendly websites.

What does mobile-friendly website mean?

A mobile-friendly website means that the site will display and be responsive on any mobile device like a cell phone or tablet. It should be tailored to fit the dimension of a mobile device.

How to create  a mobile-friendly website

The solution to building a website mobile-friendly is having a responsive website design. Responsive design makes the changes of the website depending on the device the viewer is using. The structure of the website changes to fit the dimensions of the screen.

Not only should the structure change, but also the content. One of the benefits of mobile-friendly websites is the text is readable by correcting the size. The images should also shrink to fit the screens and ensure they're not pixelated.  

The benefits of mobile-friendly websites

It can increase the traffic to your website.

The more people you can get to your website means the possibility to bring in more sales. Whether your goal is to make a sale, reservations or book a room, you need to increase the traffic  to your site. That’s why mobile-friendly website is key to get more traffic.

Google loves websites that are mobile-friendly. These kind of sites rank higher than sites that are not responsive to mobile devices. Along with this, SEO included to your website can help bring organic traffic and  beat the competition to make the front page of Google’s search engine. .

It can increase conversion rates.

A mobile-friendly website can increase conversion rates! More and more people are using mobile devices  to conduct searches. Those leads that make their way to your website can become customers.

For online stores, this is critically important. Because 79 percent of customers make orders via a mobile device not having your website available on all devices could be losing you valuable customers!

It will decrease your bounce rate.

Nothing makes a person exit out of a website faster than having to zoom in to see what the site is about or selling.  This exiting from your site will make your bounce rate high. According to Google Analytics, bounce rates are the percent of single page visits in which one left your website from the page they entered.

One of the benefits of mobile-friendly websites is it allows your site to have low bounce rates. Users will be able more inclined to stay on your site if it’s readable. You’ll have people looking through your whole sight and making choices about getting product anywhere they happen to be at.

The benefits of mobile-friendly websites are endless and will bring your business more loyal customers. At Ocean Front Media, we can develop a mobile-friendly website that’s responsive on any device. Contact us today to get started today!

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