What is search engine marketing?

What is search engine marketing?

The way you reach your potential customers is constantly changing. It can become overwhelming, especially for small business owners, to find the best and economical way to reach your target audiences. 

One of the services is called search engine marketing. This form of marketing allows you to generate leads, raise brand awareness and track your results. The Miami SEO experts are here to share the importance of search engine marketing for every business. 

What is search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing is a type of advertising that is done through paid ads that show up on search engine results (SERPS). These ads are pay-per-click, which means that businesses pay a fee each time their ad is clicked on. 

How this works is advertisers choose a keyword that customers would use to search for a product or service. When a customer searches that specific keyword, your website will appear at the top of search results as a text-based or visual ad. 

Are SEO and SEM the same things?

With so many terms to keep track of, it can be easy for people to mix or confuse SEO and SEM

Both of these services are different. The difference is that search engine optimization (SEO) ranks your business’s website organically while search engine marketing only puts your site in the paid search for a fee. 

Importance of search engine marketing (SEM)

When it comes to planning your business’s digital marketing strategy, you should think about adding search engine marketing. It can do nothing but help you generate traffic to your website and maybe get leads. Here are three reasons why SEM is an integral part of any digital strategy. 

Allows you to target an audience

Unlike traditional marketing, SEM gives you an opportunity to target a specific audience. This type of marketing allows you to choose the keyword that your target audience might be using. Not to mention, it gives you location, demographic and even device targeting. 

Increases brand awareness

Improving your website’s rank on search engines with SEO takes time but is a good strategy. In the meantime, while ranking your website, you can use SEM to get people to recognize your brand. Even if people do not click on the ad, they can remember your business name and make the connection between their searches and your company. By combining both SEM and SEO, you can start to increase your brand awareness in no time. 

Allows you to track your results 

Billboard, radio and television ads do not always give you accurate ways to track your results. The great thing about choosing search engine marketing is that you can follow the results through Google Analytics. You can log into your account to track what your audience clicked and did on your website. It is an easy way to see what ad works best based on your wording and keyword. 

From optimizing your website for SEO to creating a digital marketing strategy, let the Miami SEO experts of Ocean Front Media help. Contact us to start generating leads. 

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