What is local SEO?

What is local SEO?

What’s the first thing you do when you need to find someone that is able to fix your AC or find the nearest restaurant? If you're like many of the millions of people in the world, you’re searching on Google

For business, searches mean competition. You want your website and name to be the first one they see. If your site is lacking and not showing up on the first page, it could mean a loss in leads and sales. The solution is adding local SEO to your strategies. 

As strange as it sounds, SEO is not a new term. Let a local SEO Miami experts give the rundown on what local SEO is, how it’s used in today’s digital age. 

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is nothing out of this world. It means that your website is optimized to rank higher on search engines for a local audience. That simply means that your local audience will be able to find you easier when they search for your business on Google. 

The focus is on Google maps. You want your site to be optimized and improve your ranking on Google maps and in the local 3-packs. The three elements that go into the local pack is proximity, relevance and prominence. 

What does SEO consists of? 

Local SEO is like regular SEO. The difference is that there is a much more focus on the physical location of the business. A local SEO Miami professional will create content that contains keywords that include your business’ location, build links and get reviews. 

Why is local SEO important? 

Having a local SEO strategy is crucial for your business. You want people to be able to find your services. If your website is ranking on the third or fifth page of Google, no one is going to find it. Research has found that 75 percent of people will never go to the second page on Google search. 

The benefits of hiring a local SEO Miami team

Grow your local presence 

If your business is a local restaurant in Miami, you probably don’t want people from Los Angeles searching for your site. You want people from Miami who will physically show up at your restaurant to try your food.

Local SEO is an effective way to start growing your local presence overtime. When people search for “best realtor in (location)” or “best HVAC repair in (location),” you want people to see your business name pop-up on the first page. 

You get a return of your investment 

The great thing about local SEO is that the investment you put in it is worth it. Your customers will find your business when they need you the most. 

Quit losing potential customers or clients when you could have had a local SEO Miami expert to fix your businesses ranking. At Ocean Front Media, we offer affordable SEO service that range from local SEO to organic search. Contact us today to get started. 

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