What is influencer marketing?

What is influencer marketing?

You might have heard the term “influencer marketing” thrown around in recent years. With the rise of social media, businesses are using new ways to reach people in creative and non-traditional ways. Influencer marketing is the newest trend in digital marketing. 

With the help of a digital marketing agency Miami expert, your business can explore all the benefits that influencing marketing can bring.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that uses leaders in the industry to push a message or product. Traditional marketing typically targets the audience directly. Influencer marketing uses people with high following to talk about a brand, service or product to their followers. Essentially it exposes new people to your business.

Why a business should consider influencers?

Influencer marketing has become a popular and successful way for businesses to see a return in their investments. An effective campaign from a digital marketing agency Miami professional can bring your business these benefits.

Reaches where traditional marketing doesn’t.

Ads are everywhere nowadays. You get an ad before you watch your next YouTube video or right before your next song. But, how well are people actually tuning in? Sixty-five percent of people are skipping ads that show up right before their videos. With influencer marketing, brands can get their products/services in front of people and making a connection through a reliable source they trust.

Lets your business reach a specific audience.

Is there a specific audience your business is trying to reach but isn’t successful? Give influencer marketing a go. By partnering with the correct influencer, you can reach that target audience that is normally difficult to reach with other digital marketing methods.  

It can help grow your brand’s trust.

The reason why influencers are so successful is because of the trust they have with their audience. People have grown to trust influencers. In fact, one in three people trusts an influencer. Having that authenticity can help a business gain people’s trust.

Examples of influencer marketing campaigns.

From household brands to start-ups, businesses are taking advantage of influencer marketing. Here are some examples of influencer marketing campaigns that digital marketing agency Miami thinks they’ve knocked  out of the park.


You heard that right. Hotels like Marriott are using influencer marketing to let people know of their new app. They used Youtube influencer Jeanna Smith to create a series of videos called “Experiences” to entertain viewers, but also spotlight Marriott’s hotel’s new ability to check in and out of the hotels through their cell phones.


When there are thousands of beauty and skin care brands already in the market, how do you become a $1.2 billion beauty company? By using everyday influencers. Glossier is Manhattan, New York based beauty startup that got their overnight success thanks to super fans and micro-influencers.

Glossier didn’t go for big names like Selena Gomez or Jennifer Annestant to promote their products. They used everyday women and  to Glossier every woman are influencers. They have a referral program where women can share a Glossier promo code that offers a discount, and in return, they get store credit.

If you are thinking about giving influencer marketing a go, contact a digital marketing agency Miami expert. We can create a winning digital marketing strategy that will elevate your business.

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