What is content marketing?

What is content marketing?

Businesses large and small are using content marketing to reach their marketing goals! Why are brands creating content? The answer is easy because it can give businesses three times more leads than paid search advertising! 

The reason behind content marketing being successful is because it builds credibility, relationships and brand awareness. The digital marketing Miami experts want to share why you need to get on the content marketing train!

What’s content marketing?

Content marketing is creating valuable and distributive material that attracts and retains customers. This type of marketing isn’t new. This form of marketing can be traced back to the 1700s! 

Business back then used magazines, books and TV. Nowadays, companies still use these forms of content marketing but also digital options! 

Why is content marketing important? 

Content marketing is making it easier for customers to see a brand and interact with it. Some of the benefits of adding content marketing to your digital marketing strategy is it can help build relationships with customers, educate consumers and connect by solving their problems. 

This type of digital marketing can help your business build relationships by uploading content that can be searchable through Google, Youtube or hashtags. This relationship can blossom when you help and solve problems that consumers need. 

One example is if you're an appliance repair company, you can write a blog answering the question "what to do when you put dish soap in the dishwasher?"

On top of all those benefits, you'll have the chance to educate users about your product or service. How they can properly use it in their everyday life. 

Types of content marketing 

Are you ready to add content marketing to your business’s strategy? Start by finding the correct types of content marketing that fits with your brand. Here are five types of content marketing that digital marketing Miami professionals suggest you use. 


One form of content marketing that small businesses are using is a blog. A blog is an informational website or webpage that displays information. Businesses use blogs to make informational content, news updates or share success stories.

Blogs can benefit a business by giving the opportunity to increase organic traffic to their website, build credibility and raise brand awareness. It’s an inexpensive way to improve your ranking on search engines without going over budget. 

According to InsideView, if a company only blogs one or two times a month, they have 67 percent more sale opportunities than companies who don’t blog!

Social media posts

Yes, those posts that you do on your business’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are a form of content marketing. Social media is a gateway that allows your content to reach a wide range of audiences. 

Adding regular social media content to your marketing strategy can help generate leads, build relationships, influence purchase decisions and even start conversations! Remember that written articles, video and images get three times more engagement. 

Video content

Video content has become one of the most popular forms of content marketing. According to My SMN, 80 percent of people will watch a video while only 20 percent of people will read the text. 

Videos are popular because they’re engaging, easy to digest and can be shared across different platforms. Businesses use videos in their content marketing strategy because search engines love videos. It increases boost conversion rates and helps build credibility. 

It’s time to include content marketing in your business’s marketing strategy! Whether you need help learning where to start or creating content contact the best digital marketing Miami agency! 

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