Voice Search 101

Voice Search 101

The digital world is changing constantly which is saving people time. There’s a constant change with how the internet is changing. As Google Homes and Amazon Alexas continue to flood the market, it is imperative for a company that offers Florida SEO services to continue to advance their current SEO strategies to accomodate for the newest way to search the web! 

What is voice search? 

Voice search is a form of technology that uses voice recognition to make searches on the web. Users can search using their phones, home devices or even refrigerators. There are different types of devices like Google’s Home, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri just to name a few. Users can request these devices to search the nearest restaurant or order more laundry detergent. 

As of now, 20 percent of searches are conducted with a voice search device or system. In 2020, it is estimated that this number will rise to 50 percent of searches conducted with a voice search device or system. 

Why is it so important? 

You might be thinking why is this important for my business and why should I be concerned? Well, the rise of these systems and devices continues to grow exponentially. There are over 33 million voice-first devices in circulation right now! 

Besides the obvious fact that these devices can help a business to rank on Google, it also creates a better customer experience. Alexa and Google adapt to find the best answers for the person who is asking questions. If a consumer is asking, “Find me the best homemade pizza recipe” the content is going to be personalized and exact. This helps to increase customer experience due to the fact that it takes faster than a Google search on a smartphone or computer with a precise search result. 

As Alexa and Google Homes provide the ability to search for products to purchase from E-commerce websites, this only includes to increase customer experience. When a consumer asks Alexa to add Tide Laundry Detergent to their shopping list, the device adds Gain Detergent rather than Tide, the consumer would be annoyed once their package came and it could be possible to lose trust in their device’s capabilities. 

Another reason it is so important to optimize for voice search is because consumers will find competition that is optimized over your website. A business does not need a strategy today or tomorrow, but a content and Florida SEO services strategy should be set in place within the next couple of months. This is because voice technology is still so new, but those who adapt to it sooner than later could reap the benefits over other businesses who are late to the strategy. 

Finally, it is important for SEO strategies. A business needs SEO to rank on search engines, that is a given, but how is voice search going to change this? The traditional SEO strategies in place should not be thrown out the window, but optimized for these new search results that will be happening more frequently soon. 

How to optimize your content? 

There are several different strategies out there for optimizing content based on voice search queries. The top three are mobile friendly, conversational content and faster loading speeds. 

As of July 2019, mobile friendly website on Google’s search engine rank over others who are not friendly mobile. Voice search mainly happens on a mobile device!  A website that has yet to be optimized for mobile will be indexed, but it will be indexed after other websites who have been optimized for mobile. 

This notion goes for voice search devices searching for queries based on the consumers request or question. This does not affect old websites as of now, but the time is coming. 

Voice search queries contain more words and are longer. On a desktop or smartphone, a consumer might type out “Find me the best deep-dish pizzeria” but with a voice search device that same consumer could ask, “Find me the best deep-dish pizza who serves lunch.” The search queries could show the same results but the question is much longer. On average, speed searches have about seven to eight words versus text searches with one to three. 

Infographic from Neil Patel 

The final way to optimize content is with faster loading speeds.  A study conducted by Backlinko showed that those who rank for voice search results website’s load 52 percent faster than average websites and pages. Speed is the need when it comes to voice search queries! 

These are the top three ways to get started with ranking for voice search queries. Need help with SEO and optimizing for voice search? Contact OceanFront Media Group for the best Florida SEO services. 

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