Tips for developing a user-friendly website

Tips for developing a user-friendly website

Websites have allowed businesses to connect and bring products and services to customers. In today's digital world, customers prefer to purchase goods and services online. According to Oberlo, 62 percent of online buyers shop at least monthly. 

However, research shows that customers want business websites to be user-friendly. They want to be able to find what they need with ease on any device. User-friendly sites help drive conversions, retain customers and increase sales. For instance, 57 percent of adults would not recommend a business if their website was not designed for mobile. 

How to improve website usability

A user-friendly website is glitch-free, gives the user a pleasant experience, and is easy to navigate. The best Miami website developer wants to share some tips you can use to make your website more user-friendly.

Keep your navigation simple

Simplicity is not a new concept in web design and development. Having a readable and straightforward website design ensures your customers can browse through your web page without experiencing difficulties. According to Small Business Trends, 94 percent of consumers want a website that is easy to navigate. 

How can you accomplish this? Having multiple layers in your navigation that consumers have to go through to access information can be nagging. Instead, keep your sub navigations to a minimum and name your pages clearly. Your buttons and links should also be visible to give your users an easier time while navigating.


When was the last time you navigated through your business's website? How long did it take for you to get from point a to point b? 15 or 20 seconds? Well, if it is taking that long, your site needs to be updated. 

Loading speeds are one of the top reasons that influence how long your customers stay on your page. Therefore, if your site doesn't load in three seconds or less, visitors are going to click off immediately. Your website's loading speed should be quick for both mobile and laptop users if you want to lower your bounce rates.

Make your information readable

A website gives you the platform to showcase your business's brand message to potential customers. However, if your business's website is not readable, you are losing the attention of a potential customer. 

People searching online do not want to spend extended amounts of time trying to find what they are looking for. They want things to be scannable. Research shows that 79 percent of web users always scan pages they have just come across. Only 16 percent of users actually read word by word on a webpage. 

Your website can be hard to read if it is cluttered with large paragraphs, small fonts and no images. It would help if you changed the readability by using headings, larger fonts and images to make it easier on the eyes. 

Hire us

Ultimately, you need to hire a professional web developer that knows how to improve website usability. At Ocean Media Front, we are a digital marketing company with the best Miami website developer that can help you with web design and development. Contact us today for quality web design services.

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