These numbers reveal why you need a live content strategy

These numbers reveal why you need a live content strategy

If you’ve been in the marketing world for a while or even if you’re just starting out in the field you’re already aware of the challenges modern social media marketers face. Consistently producing content that keeps audiences engaged, answering customer questions, resolving complaints, generating new leads and ensuring their messages ring louder than those of competitors are just some of the things keeping digital marketing gurus up at night. Nowadays, there’s another factor all social media managers must be aware of, constant algorithm changes.

A major overhaul

In early 2018, Instagram and Facebook experienced significant algorithm overhauls. According to an interview, The Guardian with Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, these changes were designed to “de-prioritize content shared by media and businesses in favor of that produced by friends and family.” While this may have made “regular” Facebook and Instagram consumers happy, clearing space in their feeds for more personally-significant updates, digital marketers only felt one thing, fear. Actually, maybe three things, fear, uncertainty and an overwhelming sense of “what do we do now?” You can turn to a digital marketing agency Miami for any advice with your digital marketing needs. 

Next steps

The answer to that question? Incorporate a “live content” strategy into your content mix. Live content appears on Facebook as “Facebook Live” and on Instagram as “Instagram Stories,” but whichever way you phrase it, these mediums are going to be invaluable to your future content strategy. Here are a few numbers that speak for themselves about the strength of live content as a marketing tool:

  • A study by revealed that Instagram Stories are viewed by a jaw-dropping 500 million viewers per day.
  • According to, a whopping one third of those Story views are for Stories posted to Instagram business pages. Is yours one of them?
  • Facebook Live videos get an eye-watering 10 times as many comments and 6 times as many reactions as traditional videos, according to 

The proof is in the pudding (otherwise known as the numbers), live content generates results. It is the prevailing leader in social media engagement, lead generation, and reach. Get ahead of the curve and implement your live content strategy today!

One platform that has made its name in the social media marketing world is TikTok. It can help to increase your brand awareness and build relationships with your future and current customers. 

How does TikTok work? Users create a 15 to 60-second video and share it for people all around the world. Every month there are nearly 1 billion active users who are primarily Gen Z. If your business is trying to reach a younger audience, digital marketing agency Miami experts suggest you use TikTok. 

One thing to remember when you are creating your strategy is to be wary of your hashtags. By now you know how important hashtags are for your social media strategy. They can reach a large audience which can be either beneficial to your company or be a complete failure. Be smart with your hashtags!  

If you need any help with your live content strategy contact digital marketing agency Miami experts today! Ocean Front Media is the top marketing company in Miami. Contact us today and let’s get started!  

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