The tourism trends of 2019

The tourism trends of 2019

If only traveling were as easy as purchasing a ticket and leaving to the desired destination. It would be a dream to not have to worry about buying airline tickets and reserving hotel rooms. However, there is an extensive amount of preparation and research that goes into planning a trip. Consumers are always looking for new technology or trends to help them pick the best choices.  

Tourism businesses are taking notes of the new travel trends of 2019 that will attract travelers to their locations. They have to keep updating and improving their services to bring in potential clients. Every year is a fresh start to new and sometimes bizarre tourism trends. If the trend happens to be viral the better!

The last couple of years we saw the introduction of influencers, who are paid to post their experience at specific hotels and resorts. Influencers started to create engaging content through Youtube vlogs or Instagram posts and stories! This year won’t be an exception. The tourism business is starting to see a shift in how potential clients are targeted.  With the rise of the digital world and new generations traveling more, targeting potential clients will change.

Instagram’s influence.

Over the last couple of years with the rise of social media influencers, we have seen an explosion of Instagram’s popularity. Instagram is home to 77.6 million active users worldwide. The tourism industry has taken notice. Companies have started to push and expand their Instagram marketing to target potential customers. They have used influencers to promote their hotel rooms and resorts. Some companies have gone so far that they started to take over their clients social media accounts.Yes, you heard right!

Instagram sitters are now a legit service. In Sweden, a hotel chain, Ibis Hotel, is offering a new service called “social media sitters.” The hotels provide a service that gives you a chance to have  professionals to take over your social media platforms. By providing this services, travelers can now fully relax and enjoy the vacation. No more will travelers worry about continually updating their social media accounts. Professionals will take care of it all! The packages start at 90 dollars and can skyrocket depending on how the service is used. Social media sitters are sure to become a popular service in other major chain hotels around the world.

Sustainable tourism.

One of the rising trends is sustainable lifestyles! More young adults are  starting to take into account how things are produced and affect the environment. Millennials and generation Z are developing sustainable lifestyles. This kind of lifestyle is a practice of reducing the demands of natural resources by choosing products and services that are environmentally friendly. These people are willing to pay an extra more for people to get paid fair and livable wages. The tourism industry won’t be an exception to this trend. has stated that there will be an increase in the trend of sustainable travel. Travelers will book at greener locations that focus on keeping the environment cleaner and pay their employees fair wages. In a recent report, 75 percent of Americans state that they want to travel sustainably. Travelers want to reduce the environmental impact, experience how locals live and, at the end of the day, feel wholesome about their travels. Tourism companies will need to transition to more sustainable services to attract these conscience travelers.

Traveling with a purpose.

Not only are younger generations taking into consideration the impact of traveling for the environment but also its value. More younger generations are much more self-conscious about how and what they spend their money on. Traveling to destinations to do volunteering or learning a skill will become a popular trend this year. Reports show that about 68 percent of travelers won’t mind traveling in exchange for learning a skill. This type of experience includes relocating to a new job, internship opportunity or even for taking a course. This is one of biggest new travel trends of 2019. Tourism destinations should be considering including courses or volunteer opportunities for people to experience.


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