The importance of page titles for digital marketing

The importance of page titles for digital marketing

The way a website is structured makes a huge difference in the success of that page in any digital marketing campaign just ask a digital marketing agency Miami professional. A search engine can't "read" a website or web page in the same way that human eyes can. So for a search engine to really "know" what a page is about, it has to be told through the use of what is known as tags.

Title tags have been a part of digital marketing since the early days of website optimization. While many things about Search Engine Optimization have changed over the past several years, title tags are still important for SEO today

What are page titles? 

A page title, also known as title tag, the short description of what a web page is about. You can see the page title at the top of a browser page or in SERPs. 

Why do page titles matter?

The page title appears in the search results snippets that show to potential site visitors when they search for something. It is usually the first thing that potential site visitors see when they search for something. Having correct page title will determine if a visitor clicks on the page or not. 

It also provides crucial information to the search engine about what your page content is all about. Having the correct content on it can help that page rank higher on search engines. However, be sure that the title tag/page title match what the page content is actually about. 

Not only does it help your website on Google, but also social media. When your page or blog post is shared on social media, you want people to know what it’s about. Page titles provide users with a short snippet.

How to use page titles correctly

Optimizing page titles

It is easy to modify page titles which makes them a central and easy to change element of a digital marketing strategy that you can do yourself. However, if you don’t know where the page title is or what’s the correct way to optimize them, get the help of a digital marketing agency Miami professional. 

Most search engines show up to 60 characters in a title tag. When writing these tags be sure to summarize what your page is about as short as possible. Anything that is longer could be cut off in the SERPS.  

Use the correct keywords

Give each page of content a unique title with a keyword in the title that directly pertains to what the content on that page is about. Use your brand name, the product name and other descriptors in your page title that directly relate to your content. 

Having a digital marketing agency Miami professional to do keyword research will help you reach the correct audience you’re targeting. They can also assist you in the best way possible to use high-competition keywords. 

Not sure where to start? Contact the Ocean Front Media a call to see how we can help take your marketing game to the next notch! 

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