The different types of PPC advertising

The different types of PPC advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a fast and efficient way for digital marketing professionals to drive traffic and generate leads. Indeed, unlike more traditional kinds of advertising, PPC allows you to analyze return-on-investment and adjust your budget and strategy accordingly.

If you’re looking to start making the most of PPC advertising, the marketing agency Miami experts listed a few of the different types to help get you started:

Search ads

Search advertisements are the results that appear at the top of search engines and feature an ‘Ad’ logo. Providers of these services (of which Google Ads and Bing Ads are the most popular) allow clients to pay for their websites to be placed at the top of search results when users type in certain keywords. Indeed, this allows businesses to create targeted campaigns that generate results more quickly than those designed to encourage organic traffic. Of course there are pros and cons to organic search and paid search methods. Many businesses opt to make use of both.

Social network advertising

If your customer base is made up of keen social media users, then social media advertising could work well for you. Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter offer advertising options that allow you to place ads in the news feeds of key demographics thanks to their granular targeting data. To find out more about social PPC, take a look at this helpful article.


Remarketing is a way for companies to direct advertising content towards web users who have already shown interest in their products. If a web user lands on the website of a company that uses remarketing, therefore, they may see an advert for the company on a different site. This is an effective way to entice people back to your site and boost sales.

Display advertising

Investing in display advertising means that your adverts will appear across Google’s partner websites. What’s more, you can target specific demographics or specially select relevant websites on which to advertise. Targeting your advertising in this way is a great way to ensure that your marketing strategy is cost-effective.

A marketing agency Miami expert will tell you that one mistake on a campaign can be crucial. One mistake can change a consumer’s perspective on your company. Typos are bound to happen but you should always take the steps to avoid them. Be familiar with basic grammar, have an extra pair of eyes look at your work, make sure your content is relevant and fact check everything! 

If you are looking for additional ways to grow your reach or audience, try email marketing! It is an affordable method and you are more than likely to see a great ROI. Our marketing agency Miami experts say that the bigger your list is the better your results will be. You can add sign-up links in every one of your social media bios, offer a bonus content or host giveaways. The opportunities are endless! 

If you want to get started on PPC advertising, contact the experts at Ocean Front Media Group! We will make the most out of your PPC ads! 

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