The 2018 biggest social media trends

The 2018 biggest social media trends

Oh 2018, the year that brought the world the color rose gold everything and constant ads for Tik-Tok videos. The social trends of 2018 have left a mark on every social media user and business out there. From the growth of influencers to the constant social media analytic changes. Social media trends are influencing the digital world and the way businesses reach consumers. 

This year there was a total of 3.356 billion active social media users! With so many people using the internet to stay connected it’s no surprise that social media platforms are revamping to make it easier for users. This year there has been changes in social media analytics, new features and the selling features.

Here are some of the biggest and new social trends of 2018!

You get a story! You get a story! Everyone gets a story!

It all started with Snapchat. Now about every social media platform has a story feature. This year WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook all released a story feature and since then it has been growing! Stories are a feature that allow users to upload photos or videos that last around fifteen seconds. The content posted is much more direct and personal to audiences.

Instagram has over 30 million story users and Facebook Messenger over 70 million! The story feature has indeed changed the way businesses are using social media. They are putting more and more content on stories for consumers to interact with and see. Consumers are more likely to interact and get links to business content. If a business has more than 10,000 followers then Instagram allows them to share links with their followers.

Stories are predicted to grow 15 times faster than posts on feeds. Just recently the super house YouTube jumped in the story feature. Now YouTubers with 10,0000 subscribers can upload stories to connect with their audience on an even more personal way. Youtubers can now upload much more frequently on their channels. The downside of YouTube offering this feature is users now don’t have to go on other social media platforms to see what their favorite Youtuber is posting.

Family Friendly Facebook.

Facebook took a much more personal approach to users with their 2018 analytic change.  The analytic change stated they wanted users to have features that would help them make more informed decisions. Facebook added auto-detected funnels, insights based on custom parameters and funnel conversion insights.

Facebook released a statement stating they wanted friends and family posts to be the priority over public content. This left users seeing more posts from family members and friends all over their feed. As part of this shift, Facebook demoted pages that shared articles or content from non-reliable sources or used “engagement bait.”


In June, Instagram released to the public IGTV for users. IGTV is a feature that allows users to create longer video content all in vertical format. This revolutionizes the way people create Instagram content because videos were previously only a minute long. This new feature gives users the option to create extended video content similar to YouTube videos. IGTV is relatively recent but has been helping Instagram users to create more niche friendly content.

Instagram the one stop shop!

This year was not just a year for an increased focus on video content but also shopping. In September, Instagram rolled out the red carpet for e-commerce businesses. Instagram launched a shopping feature that would allow companies to share tags that will enable users to shop their products right on Instagram. No more do businesses have to post “the link is the in bio” on every product promotion post they created. This feature has smooth the tradition for both business and online shoppers.

The rise of Tik-Tok

Whether you have been targeted by ad for the Tik-Tok app or have seen the videos of the app on Youtube, we can all say we this app was one of the biggest social trends of 2018! Tik-Tok is an app designed for users to create videos of them dancing to lip syncing  to their favorite music. It became so popular that at one point in the year it was the most downloaded iOS app in the world. It managed to out download Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! The popularity of Tik-Tok continued to grow when companies started to use it for social media campaigns like #InMyDenim. This social media campaign was done by the company Guess and it asked people to post videos using the hashtag! Could Tik-Tok become the next Vine? We are not sure for right now, but it looks like it’s going to be staying for a while.



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