SEO Strategies to Get Your Webpages Indexed Faster

SEO Strategies to Get Your Webpages Indexed Faster

As a business you want to increase traffic to your website to get more sales and leads. One of the best ways possible is through an organic search. Research has found that 51 percent of website traffic comes from organic search. It can be impossible to ignore the importance of making your business’ site SEO friendly. 

Your site needs to be crawled by search engine spiders to get your site found. The process of getting your pages indexed by web crawlers so they can appear in search results can be very frustrating at times. Ocean Front Media can help with our robust SEO services and helpful advice. 

The time it takes Google to crawl and index your webpage can take anywhere between three, six or nine months is what our Florida SEO company tells clients.  However, there are a few things you can do to get your web pages indexed faster. 

Three ways to get your web pages indexed faster

Submit your sitemap through webmaster console

Google and other search engines feature a webmaster console you can use to submit a site map  that can speed up the time it takes for your webpages to get indexed. However, do not EXPECT Google to crawl your website and rank it faster because this was submitted. 

 The XML Sitemap file will act as a navigation tool for search engines to crawl  and scan through your site and find all available pages listed on your website. All pages found and indexed by their web crawlers can then be viewed through an easy-to-use dashboard that will display how many pages have been crawled, how many pages have been ignored, and how long it will take for each crawled page to be indexed. The sitemap will also show when each page was last updated which will in turn tell Google when to check for new content on a page.

Use social bookmarking services

Social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Digg are great for getting your web pages indexed faster because of their high domain authority. Because of this high domain authority, search engines give more priority to these websites and will scan them before scanning websites with low domain authority. 

These social bookmarking sites are being used as search engines themselves, due to their ability to allow a user to search other users bookmarks and see what was popular enough to tag and share. Anyone looking to improve the efficiency of any SEO services they provide would be wise to pay attention to these sites.

Improve your internal link structure

It's a lot easier for web crawlers to find and index your pages when all of your web pages are properly functioning and linking back to each other. This strategy is especially useful for linking to important pages where you are including a call to action or subscription form for generating new leads. 

If you do not do this, you will end up with a highly ranked homepage that does not provide any discoverability or search optimization benefits to any other pages on your website. 

Ocean Front Media is one of the leading Florida SEO company who can assist you in setting up the optimal link structure for your website needs!

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