Promoting Your Brand Using Hashtags

Promoting Your Brand Using Hashtags

Hashtags are something you see quite frequently on social media. Example: #photooftheday and #tbt. They have been used on Twitter over the past decade with Facebook and Instagram joining a little later . When used correctly, hashtags can be a useful digital marketing tool, used to bring attention to your brand and build a following.

Fifty-seven percent of social media users said that they would probably purchase something from a brand that they follow. On the other hand, more than half of those same social media users get annoyed when brands do things such as promote too much or try to be funny when they're not. It is essential to find a balance.

What’s a hashtag? 

A hashtag is essentially the pound symbol with a word or phrase following it. The use of hashtags is to help other people find posts, tweets or pictures on different social media platforms. There are even trending hashtags on Twitter where you can see what others are talking about on a global level. It is a great way to raise brand awareness. 

Hashtags help get your posts across to a wider audience. With the knowledge from one of the top marketing agencies in Miami, you can use hashtags to grow your brand awareness and get more leads. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are some suggestions of the most effective types of hashtags to use.

Local Hashtags

This is a great way to get exposure if you are a locally based company. People often search for local services by using the name of the area in which they are looking for assistance.

Example: #Miami #MiamiFlorida #MiamiFl

Brand Names

Using your brand name is one of the best ways to promote your brand, especially if you are in the early stages of promotion! It’s best to keep it simple. If your brand has a catchy nickname or acronym, it will be more likely to draw more attention for people to remember.

Example: #OceanFrontMedia #OFM 

Trending Items

Trending items are viewed and searched most often. It’s best if the trend relates to your brand, but just sharing trending stories can help your brand be seen. Be careful not to overshare.

Holidays and Activities

Sharing information local activities you might be attending. Adding hashtagging local activities and holidays can draw attention to your brand.


If none of the above hashtags apply, then you can pull keywords from your post that relate to the information that you are sharing or promoting. Adding hashtags to these words can help with the visibility of your post. Using more than three keywords can be an overkill, so try not to use more than three.

Be specific. If the hashtag you are using is direct, you will have more success. Check out other brands to see what hashtags they use. See what your followers seem to be most interested in, and use those as examples. If you need help with digital marketing for your brand, Ocean Front media is one of the top marketing agencies in Miami. We even have our own dashboard to manage social media. Contact us today!

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