PPC Marketing Strategies for Startups

PPC Marketing Strategies for Startups

PPC (pay per click) marketing can be an expensive investment for many brands, especially startups. The reason why PPC can be expensive is because each time a user clicks on your ad, you pay a fee to your search engine. Therefore, while you may be gaining traffic to your website, you are also experiencing a budget deficit.

Luckily, there are PPC strategies you can use to get the most out of your ads. These strategies not only increase your click-through rate but also generate conversions, which can result in increased sales and revenue.

According to WordLead, 65 percent of people click on ads when making purchases. To help you get started using PPC for your startup, one of the best advertising agencies in South Florida is here to share these PPC strategies you can use. 

Use negative keywords

Negative keywords prevent users from seeing your ads when certain words or phrases are used on search engines. For instance, if you are a Miami bookkeeping software company, you can filter out some terms people use when looking for specific services, e.g.

• Free accounting software

• Bookkeeping certification

This way, people who search for these negative keywords will not trigger your ads and, you won't have to pay money for them. This strategy saves startups a lot of money that they can spend on other relevant keyword searches, such as general and specific keywords.

Start small

A common mistake that startups make is creating a long list of keywords to run multiple campaigns and ad groups. Unfortunately, startup budgets are small, and this approach stretches it out without yielding any returns. 

Best advertising agencies in South Florida suggest focusing on one or two campaigns with a few ad groups to yield results. Start with one campaign using different keywords and then do a different campaign. By doing separate campaigns, you can analyze which one had better results and use those keywords instead.

Additionally, ensure your campaigns revolve around one product, and they direct consumers to your landing page or website. By creating a landing page, you will be able to measure your results using Google analytics. 

Advertise where you can deliver

Another mistake that start-ups make when using PPC campaigns is targeting nationwide. Using this method can end up costing you more without the results you want. The reason behind this is because larger companies with more recognition will be your competition. 

Using location targeting for your PPC ads is essential in ensuring you advertise where you can deliver. As a startup, you don't have a large target audience in different parts of the world. Therefore, make sure your ads only appear in searches where you are going to start delivering or offering services. 

Hire one of the best advertising agencies in South Florida

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