The world runs on social media! In fact, 81 percent of the United States population uses social media. They use it to find the nearest restaurant or search for a new pair of shoes. What better way to reach your target audience than with social media? However, effectively reaching your target audience is easier said than done. That is why the social media marketing agency Miami experts what to share with some insight about paid and organic social media.


The pros of organic social media posts.

Organic social media posts are a blessing to businesses. It helps build a personality for your brand. Whether your business language is causal or professional, organic social media can help make it grow with natural engagement.


The cons of using only organic social media posts.

There are many reasons why businesses might want to stick to organic social media posts such as budget to not being too promotional or simply a lack of understanding. As beneficial as organic social media posts might be for a business, it can also hurt it.


It will limit your audience. Social media is constantly changing and making it difficult to reach everyone you might follow or who likes your page. Platforms like Facebook, are prioritizing social media family and friends over businesses. It is making it harder for companies to get leads if people cannot interact with them.


The pros of paid social media posts.

One of the most significant advantages of paid social media is you can reach more people. It gives you the option of not relying just on hashtags and people hopefully sharing your content. Social media platforms allow you to focus on a specific audience. Whether you want to target a certain age, income or gender-paid social media allows you to reach all those.


The cons of using only paid social media posts.

Businesses choose to use paid social media posts to reach potential new customers and for a much speedier process. There are benefits of using paid social media that organic social media cannot give you. But, there are also major downsides.


One way that you can lose followers and customers is with constant promotions. If you are continually boosting a post, people can start to tune out.  All those followers you worked so hard to gain could start to unfollow or unlike your page. Not to mention all that money spent on ads could start to add up and for nothing.


The best solution.

You might be wondering, does one outweigh the other? Which one will help your business grow faster? Or, which will get you more leads? The answer is use both.  We are not alone, either. In a recent survey, 86 percent of marketers said they use both organic and paid social media posts in their strategies. The reason behind this is because each approach has a different objective. Organic is for engagement and paid is for conversion.


The good news is that you do not have to come up with an effective strategy all by yourself. Let the social media marketing agency Miami experts at Ocean Front Media group get your more leads. Contact us today!

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