Inbound Marketing 101

Inbound Marketing 101

In this digital age, we are living in a world where it’s getting harder to reach consumers. Fewer people have cable, or they pay extra on streaming services to skip commercials. Let’s not forget about the radio. 

Businesses need to start thinking about how they’re going to reach consumers. The Miami SEO experts suggest looking into investing in inbound marketing! This type of technique is inexpensive, generates leads and builds customer relationships. 

What is inbound marketing? 

Inbound marketing is a type of marketing method that attracts consumers by creating valuable content and experiences that are tailored to them. This business technique creates content customers want and solves their problems. 

Inbound Marketing Strategy

The Miami SEO experts say that a successful inbound strategy starts by knowing the needs of your customers at whatever point of their customer journey. From there, businesses want to create content that meets their needs and can help them take the next step. The four stages of inbound marketing include:

  1. Attract 

The first step you want to accomplish is to attract customers to your business, so they are aware of the products and services offered. This step starts by creating content that is useful to them and that they can find it. Three major tacts businesses use content creation, social media strategy and SEO

  1. Convert

Now that you have the attention of customers, you want them to buy your product or service. How do you accomplish this? Businesses can lead their visitors to take the next action by using landing pages, opt-in forms or calls-to-actions. 

  1. Close

After you’ve gotten their information, businesses want to“close” that lead and make them a customer. In this step, you want to shower them with how your products and services will help them. Three tactics to help you close a lead include customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing and workflow. 

  1. Delighting 

Businesses don’t just want to generate customers but also maintain them! Delighting customers can help you maintain a healthy relationship and help them share your service or product. Some ways that businesses and brands delight customers are through surveys, smart content and social monitoring. 

The benefits of inbound marketing

Increase brand awareness

Adding inbound marketing to your business strategy can help increase your brand awareness and visibility. By creating content and sharing it online, people can find your content and even share it! Thus, it helps people know your business and share it!

Builds credibility 

You want customers to trust your brand so they can continue to buy your services and products. Inbound marketing allows you to build credibility and trust with customers. By creating content that solves their problems, customers can view your business as an expert in that field.

Increase traffic and leads

In inbound marketing, you’re creating content that is directly targeted to a specific audience who is looking for that solution. This technique allows your business to attract more potential leads! 


Digital advertising, PPC and other forms of advertising can start to get expensive and sometimes not see the ROI. Inbound is an inexpensive way to generate leads and be added into existing marketing strategies. 

Adding inbound marketing into your business strategy doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Let the Miami SEO experts at Ocean Front Media help you along the process from creating landing pages, creating content to starting an SEO strategy. Contact us to start generating leads!

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