How to Stay Productive While Working at Home

How to Stay Productive While Working at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many companies to switch to work from home. Remote working isn’t something new that happened overnight. Globally, 70 percent of people are working remotely at least once a week!

For those who are new to working remotely, here are some tips from a Miami website developer to stay focused and productive during this time!

Dress for the part

As tempting as it might seem, don’t work in your pajamas! A Miami website developer suggests you dress up to get your mind ready. It will help you to create a boundary between home and work life. Switch those for comfy clothes for a business casual. 

Pick out a workspace

The best way to concentrate is by designating a space where you can focus and won’t get distracted. Choose a room in your home that is away from where a member of your household might be. Make sure that this space is quiet enough for you to concentrate, answer calls or video chat. 

Set a schedule

Not only can working from home allow you to start your work earlier, but it can also keep you longer. You can be so into the work that you can forget what time it is. A Miami website developer suggests that you set a schedule of when you’re going to work and what time you’re going to be off. By setting times, you’ll be able to set a healthy work schedule. 

Video chat

If you’re used to communicating face to face with your coworkers, it can become hard for you to transition working alone. To prevent feeling isolated, you should set up a video chat with your coworkers. This can help you avoid any misunderstanding and help you feel less lonely. 

Communicate clearly

Working from home doesn’t give you the luxury to walk up to a coworker and ask a question. Be clear with your coworkers about when deadlines and projects require. Keep your whole team and boss up to date with what you’ve accomplished, is on your to-do list, and what you need to finish. If you’re a manager, you can send out a daily or weekly schedule about what needs to be complete. 

Create a document sharing system

When you’re working from home, you can’t hand documents to your coworkers. Make sure you and your team have a way to share documents. Use Google Drive or Dropbox to make reports easy to store and make accessible for everyone one your team. 

Remember to relax

Being indoors all day can lead to cabin fever. If you have a backyard, go outdoors for a walk by yourself or with your dog. Going outdoors can reduce your stress levels and relax. After work, try to get your mind off of work by reading a book or watching a show on Netflix. 

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