How to create a digital marketing strategy

How to create a digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing has become an increasingly important part of any business’s marketing. Large and small businesses are using this form of marketing to influence customers where they can be found the most. 

Research shows that Internet users spend two hours and 22 minutes a day on social media networks. These numbers have only increased with the pandemic. Reaching your target audience through social media, emails and digital advertising is becoming more effective for businesses. 

Creating a digital marketing strategy to help your business is no easy task. Every business is unique, and its digital marketing should also be unique. To help your business get started planning, our digital marketing agency Miami professionals are here to show you how to create a digital marketing strategy. 

Define your target audience

With any kind of marketing strategy, you need to know your audience. Take time to research who is going to buy your product or service. Look at your previous customers, or if you are starting up, look at your competitors’ audience. 

Defining your target audience will help you find the best social media platforms to use, search engine optimization (SEO) and create ads. The last thing businesses want to do is spend time and money marketing on customers who do not need your product or service. 

To help you define your audience, ask yourself these questions

  • What’s your customer’s age?

  • Where do they work? 

  • Are they mainly men or women? Or both?

  • What are their interests?

  • Which social media platforms do they spend the most time on?

List out your goals

One of the important steps in creating a digital marketing strategy is defining your goals. These goals should also tie back to your business goals. Many businesses use digital marketing to build brand awareness, increase website traffic, generate leads and sales. 

Try to plan goals that are reasonable and easy to measure. The last thing you want is to set a goal that cannot be measured. Using SMART goals is a good way to set measurable goals. SMART goals are:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Relevant

  • Timely.

Determine digital marketing methods

Now that you have planned out your goals and defined your audience, it is time to plan your action plan. You want to figure out how you are going to reach your audience and accomplish your goals. The best way to do this is to decide what digital marketing channels your business will use. 

There are multiple digital marketing channels that businesses can use alone and combined to reach their business goals. Here are some channels to consider:

  • Social media marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)

Create a plan

Now it is time to bring everything together and create a plan. You want to start planning social media and email content that will be published. Creating a content calendar is one of the best ways to organize what you are publishing on social media and blogs. 

Not only that, but it will help you determine if you need extra help. If your business's marketing team is too busy, hire a digital marketing agency Miami. They can help you create your content and manage all digital marketing aspects like social media, email marketing and SEO. 

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