How social media is helping tourism

How social media is helping tourism

It seems that the whole world cannot function without a cell phone glued to their hand. Whether they are using the mini computer to look restaurants, post on social media or research the best hotel deals.

One area the internet has left an impact on is the tourism industry. In fact, 72 percent of travelers use their smartphones to look for restaurants while on vacation. This is important fact for locations that receive high amounts of tourism each year! The tourism industry needs to make sure their online presence demonstrates the voice, service and atmosphere they want customers to see. Here the top advantages of social media in tourism.

  1. Wider audience

Back in the day before  internet, tourism depended a lot on travelers who would visit their hotels and restaurants then go back home. Those travelers would go back home and tell their relatives and friends about the experience. Nowadays thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hotels and restaurants can reach a much wider audience!

People are sharing their experience with their followers, and their followers can share that experience - reaching more people! Millennials, in particular, are great at sharing their experience with the internet. Over 97 percent of millenials are sharing photos, videos and experiences online. The people who view these photos are then potential customers that can book a place there.

  1. Better Customer Service

“The customer is always right.” How many times have you heard that in the tourism industry? Far too many. A study shows that 67 percent of consumers use companies social media channels for customer service. Many industries are using social media to their advantage. One of the advantages of social media in tourism is taking that customer feedback from customers to enhance their experience.

Not only are they taking this feedback but they are communicating with customers. They are taking the time to answer their customers’ questions or complaints via social media channels. No one wants to contact someone only to be told they have to call a toll free number. In fact, 53 percent of customers expect to be responded within 60 minutes. The travel and other industries are using create solutions to help better customer services like chatbots and increased staffing on social media teams.

  1. Increase research

What is the first thing to do when you want to try a new restaurant? If you are like most people these days, you go and check online reviews to see what people think about it. Studies show that 73 percent of consumers trust a business more if they have positive reviews. No one wants to go eat a restaurant or reserve a night at a hotel that has one star out of five.

Social media has left a major impact on the marketing world, and it’s not going anywhere! It has connected the whole world together in ways not thought possible. The tourism and hospitality industry landscape were altered and modernized by it. Anyone planning to travel relies heavily on social media from booking, research and shares. Advantages of social media in tourism  are increasing brand create awareness and amazing customer service.


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