Hashtag fails and what they can teach us

Hashtag fails and what they can teach us

Digital marketing is a tough gig. You must always stay on top of trending topics so you can insert yourself into conversations at a moment's notice,and you must do so wisely. Otherwise, you could end up on lists like this one.

Here are two of the worst hashtag fails we've ever seen, and digital marketing agency Miami will show you what you can learn from them.

1. DiGiorno Trivializes Domestic Violence, Makes It About Pizza 

The frozen pizza brand, DiGiorno is well-known for its witty Twitter voice, as well as its speed in entering real-time conversations on social media. Unfortunately, this reputation took a huge hit in 2014 when "#whyistayed" was trending on Twitter. The hashtag was meant to bring awareness to domestic violence, and more specifically, the reasons why victims remain in abusive partnerships. Whoever was in charge of DiGiorno social media that day seems to have missed that crucial context, because they tweeted "#whyistayed you had pizza."

2. Entenmann's Brings Doughnuts Into a High-Profile Court Case 

The 2011 Casey Anthony court case gripped a nation, and the 'not guilty' verdict Anthony received enraged millions. Many of these outraged people took to social media to voice their opinions about the case's conclusion, using the hashtag "#notguilty." Similar to the DiGiorno example above, Entenmann's social media manager must've spotted "#notguilty" and seen an opportunity for (in their opinion) a truly clever, on-brand tweet, because they tweeted "who's #notguilty about eating all the tasty treats they want?"

As you can imagine, both of these brands experienced a huge backlash for their perceived insensitivity towards serious subjects. They've become cautionary tales for what can happen if you use a trending tag without checking the context first. To avoid making these same mistakes, digital marketing agency Miami suggests to always follow these steps before jumping on any trending-tag train:

1. Click the hashtag and read AT LEAST the top tweets that utilize it.

2. Google the hashtag to learn more about its background and purpose.

3. Ask yourself whether the hashtag is truly on-brand and relevant to your business. Unless the answer is a strong "yes," play it safe and don't use it.

If you are thinking about abandoning hashtags to avoid this mess, you might want to rethink that strategy! Hashtags help your company reach more people who are in your target audience. It can also bring engagement because you can talk to other people who are using the same hashtag. Over time, after constant posts and tweets you will start to have credibility. 

Hashtags also help you reach a specific area. Digital marketing agency Miami recommends you use local hashtags because you will have fewer competitors which will result with more potential leads. You can also have brand hashtags, it’s a great way to promote your brand and it can grab the attention of any potential consumers! 

When you are using hashtags, remember to be straightforward to get  the best results. If you ever need a hashtag suggestion have a look at other brands and see what they are using. Also pay attention to what your followers like to see, this is also a great example for finding relevant hashtags. 

When you are creating a post, you want to be sure to have quality content! It’s important to say less, but remember to be clear and concise. Be honest, as a consumer do you actually read everything? Probably not, so make your content scannable and easy to read. 

If you need help with hashtags or anything digital marketing, Ocean Front Media is the top marketing company in Miami. Contact us today and let’s get started! 

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