Good copy matters - 3 tips to increase conversion

Good copy matters - 3 tips to increase conversion

“Content is king.” You’ve probably heard or read that quote a lot. It’s conventional marketing wisdom and for good reason… it’s true. Well, it’s mostly true

Consider this - how many times a day do you find yourself suddenly losing interest in something you were reading? Maybe you get distracted by one of the endless other things in life that are demanding your attention. Or maybe, after reading a little bit, you filter the information as irrelevant and move on. You’re on to the next thing without  a second thought.

Your prospects go through a similar process throughout their day. They’re constantly bombarded with different content all wanting their attention. Why? Because their attention is what ultimately leads to conversion. That’s why good content is king.

Here are three tips from our marketing agency Miami professionals for making good content that engages your readers and can increase your conversion rate:

Become a master of the sound bite

What do tweets and good headlines have in common? They both say a lot in a few words. To get people’s attention in the digital age, you need to be both concise and effective in your delivery. Twitter forces you to do that by limiting the number of characters per tweet to 280.

There are on average, around 6,000 tweets made every second. The vast majority are relegated to relative obscurity within the Twittersphere. But some rise to the top of the trending charts. Barring fame and celebrity, tweets that rise to the top typically do so because they express ideas in an engaging, concise and shareable way. Or they’re funny cat videos.

Think about your headlines as good, short tweets. Use them to let your prospects know upfront what value they will gain from giving you their attention. This leads to the second point:

Don’t just write content. Give value.

A lot of content is written with the intent to provide information. And that is absolutely necessary. But good SEO strategy is not just about throwing relevant keywords together and waiting for your search engine ranks to rise to the top. No, you want to give people value.

When a prospect comes to your page, you have won their attention. How should you reward that attention? By providing value. And it’s not simply about giving information. It’s about giving information that is relevant to their needs.

Think about why they are visiting you and what problems are they trying to solve? Chances are they think you might be able to help them. Anticipate their needs, and create content that meets them.

Make your content scannable

Attention is a finite resource. On average, our attention spans are pretty short. And that’s because we typically have less free time and are bombarded with more information than ever before. So what do you do when the average person has less time and more information than they know what to do with?

To cope with having less time and more information, we generally scan content before committing to engagement. If you anticipate this you’ll increase the likelihood of engagement and therefore conversion. So how do you make your content scannable?

One thing you can do is create either bullet points or lists. Also, having effective sub-headers for each section of your content will give people a birds-eye view of what to expect before diving in. Keeping paragraphs and sentences as short as possible also helps. We tend to avoid huge blocks of text, but will more likely engage when things are broken up.

Bonus: Consider hiring an expert marketing team

Marketing and creating good content consistently can be difficult. The time it takes to master these things and be effective can be daunting. Sometimes it can even take away time that could be better spent on developing other aspects of your business. So why not work with a reputable marketing agency Miami that can save you precious time while helping your business grow?

If you’re a business owner or manager, let the best marketing agency Miami professionals help you. Ocean Front Media can put time back in your hands by taking care of your digital needs. Contact us today to get started.

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