Four strategies to increase Facebook followers

Four strategies to increase Facebook followers

With over 2 billion users, Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social media platforms. Social media is an effective way to use digital marketing to promote your business or brand, but it's essential for you to know how to use the many features of Facebook to get the best results. Here are a few tips from a marketing agency Miami to help you increase your likes and gain more followers.

Utilize Facebook ads

You may already be using Facebook ads, but there are many different types of ads and ways you can use them.

Engagement ads will help increase the visibility of your page and ultimately, your brand. Conversion ads encourage people to do something specific or to purchase something from your page. Whatever the content is, if people are interested, they will like it and most likely become engaged. This will lead to more likes, followers and more business.

Invite others to like your page

When you run ads or share content, a lot of times you will get likes on the post by people who are not yet followers of your page. You can invite them to like your page! You can do this manually but be careful not to ask too many people at once, or you may get temporarily blocked from Facebook. Invite friends and family to like your page. Also, if you run an engagement ad, you will get the option to invite people to like your page.

Hold a giveaway

Giveaways are easy and fun ways to increase your likes and followers. Everyone likes opportunities to win free stuff! Rafflecopter is a useful tool to help you set up a giveaway if you have never done one before. You can require people to visit your Facebook page, or even like your Facebook page to gain more entries into the giveaway. You can also create a giveaway that involves others sharing your post to their page. You can encourage them to tag friends in the comment, like your page and invite others to like your page for additional entries.

Ask other Facebook pages to tag you

If you know others who run brand or business pages, see if they will share your content and tag you or give you a shout out on their page. This is especially helpful if they have more followers than you. They can help bring more likes to your page through their audience. You can also ask customers to tag you on their pages. Happy customers are sure to attract new customers!

In today's world, social media is in our everyday lives, if you are in business you want to be sure your presence is known. Do you know the difference between paid and organic? Paid vs organic social is just what it sounds like, you can pay for ads or boost your post or you can gain followers and likes organically. 

An example of a paid ad is Pay Per Click (PPC). They are extremely effective when done correctly. A marketing agency Miami will tell you to avoid these four major mistakes. Make sure you have a good landing page, good timing, conversion tracking and spend enough money up front. Whether you choose  paid vs organic social, you want to make sure you are putting everything into it for the best results. 

These are just a few ways that you can use Facebook to your advantage in digital marketing. If you would like help with your website and digital marketing, contact us today!

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