Four steps to prepare your website for the holiday season

Four steps to prepare your website for the holiday season

The holiday season is around the corner! Before you know it, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years will be here. Is your business and organization's website ready for the holiday rush? 

Due to the pandemic, many people are using the Internet to book and make purchases. This demand could increase in the upcoming months with the holiday rush. Preparing your website can ensure that your customers or donors are happy and coming back. 

Our website design and development Miami team have prepared four steps that businesses and organizations can take to gear up their website for the year's busiest time. 

Update all website information

Although the pandemic situation is continually changing, keeping your website up to date is vital. The first interaction that people have with your brand is your site. If they cannot find accurate information, they might click off of it. SmallBizGenius states that 88 percent of online consumers will not return to a site after a bad experience. 

Keeping your website with old information about physical events or outdated content can draw your audience away. Ensure that they can find your latest safety information and events occurring for the rest of the year. Do not forget to make sure that your social media handles are linked properly to your site.

Make it mobile-friendly

One of the places that people spend most of their time is on their phones. This usage has only increased with the pandemic. Statista shows that in March 2020, the start of social distancing, 70 percent of Internet users worldwide used their smartphones. 

If users are clicking on your website and having to zoom to navigate, they might just go to a competitor with a mobile-friendly site. To prepare your site, make sure your website is fitted for a mobile device screen, create a mobile-friendly, checkout and use interactive images. 

Offer customer support

Whether through social media, email or website, customers want to get their questions answered by businesses as soon as possible. Technology has now allowed businesses to satisfy customers through their website using artificial intelligence (AI) customer support chats.

These chats are installed on your website and can answer customers' basic questions 24 hours a day. For example, customers can get answers on how to pay a bill online or create an account. This kind of feature installed on your website by a website design and development Miami team can help improve your business customer service and generate more sales

Make sure your site is secure.

Whether you have an e-commerce site or have an option for customers to pay bills online, security is critical. Customers do not want to do transactions on unsecured sites and risk getting their information stolen. Norton reports that Internet fraud increased by 30 percent during the holiday season than at any other time of the year. 

There are a few steps that businesses can take to protect their customers' information. First, make sure that your website is using HTTPS. Next, make sure that your website is hosted on a secure platform. Lastly, ensure that all plugins are up-to-date. 

Need the help of a website design and development Miami team?

Ocean Front Media Group can assist. Our web design and development team can have your site prepared for your busiest time of the year. Contact us to start preparing your site now!

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