Four social media marketing practices for nonprofits

Four social media marketing practices for nonprofits

What is something that people check in the mornings and before they go to bed? Their social media accounts. A 2019 survey found that the average Internet user spends 144 minutes on social media every day

During this time, people can be learning about your cause and spreading it to their friends and family. To succeed in the digital world, organizations need to know social media marketing best practices for nonprofits. Add these four social media tips to your digital marketing strategy

Create a content calendar 

One of the most important practices is developing a content calendar. These types of calendars help you organize and keep track of posts that your organization publishes. Plus, it helps you post more continuous content that increases people's likelihood of seeing and interacting with your content. 

When creating a social media content calendar, there are various types to choose from. You can choose between a weekly or monthly content calendar. The digital marketing Miami professionals suggest that you build content ahead of time to schedule because it will save you time. 

Use photos and videos in posts

Nothing grabs the attention of people on social media more than a captivating picture. Visual content plays a critical role in social media engagement. Jeff Bullas, a social media strategist, reported that Facebook posts with photos get 2.3 times more engagement than posts without images. 

One of the social media marketing best practices for nonprofits is taking plenty of photos at events, classes and employees. These photos do not have to be taken with a professional camera. 

Phones nowadays have excellent cameras that look just as good professional photos do. Before snapping pictures, remember to always get consent from the individuals and that they will be used for marketing purposes. 

Create Facebook events

The amount of people who use social media every single day is increasing. People log in before the morning and night. Using social media to promote an event is easier than ever. Like Facebook, social media platforms have made it easier for you to invite and keep track of analytics with Facebook Events.

This feature allows organizations to publish an event on Facebook and invite people. It will enable you even to promote that event to see it in your community. Nonprofits organizations can benefit from using this feature for any physical or online events they have in the future. 

Engage with your audience

One mistake that organizations make when it comes to social media is the social aspect. Some organizations only post on social media without answering their audience's questions or interacting with posts. Research shows that consumers expect brands to answer their social media comments within a day or less

Make it a daily routine to check your organization's social media channels. Answer all questions, comments or directed messages. Do not forget to like any images your organization was tagged in. 

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