Email Marketing Trends for 2020

Email Marketing Trends for 2020

Small and large businesses need to stay on top of marketing trends to drive leads and conversions. Best marketing agencies in Miami suggest businesses can stay up-to-date on marketing trends by following email marketing trends.

Why is email marketing so important for businesses?

Each year email marketing is adapting and adjusting to the technology and digital shifts. Why is it essential for your email marketing to stand out from the competition? 

While it may seem challenging to stand out with email marketing, it is important! Research shows that 61 percent of consumers like receiving promotional emails from brands and businesses. 

Receiving regular emails can also influence their likelihood of purchasing a service or product. According to a HubSpot statistic, 59 percent of consumers say marketing emails influence their purchasing decisions. 

Are you interested in making the most out of your email marketing? Here are three trends that can help you drive more sales this year from one of the best marketing agencies in Miami. 

Keep it simple and clean

Nowadays, your customers are constantly being bombarded with emails from other businesses and organizations. It has become highly competitive to grab the attention of your customers. 

This can be a nuisance, and many subscribers end up spamming emails. Thus, it's vital to use a minimalist email design to stand out from your competitors, especially now that brands use over-polished ads to persuade consumers.

Minimalist email design consists of plain text emails that are straight to the point and make it easy for a customer to find the information they need. These kinds of email designs can help your business's email to load faster and better. It also allows customers to focus their attention on your brand's message. 

Make mobile-friendly 

In 2020, the number of mobile phone users is expected to reach 7.26 billion. Unfortunately, only 20 percent of emails are well optimized for mobile devices, which means brands are losing out on potential customers because they can't read their emails.

Since 61 percent of emails are read on mobile devices, it is time you optimized your email marketing campaign to increase your click-through rate. A well-optimized email should be clean and straightforward and appear great on smartphones.

Video content

Video content has gained popularity over the last few years. You see it all over on social media, blogs and even in email marketing. It has become an easy and effective way to inform your customers and increase the chances of them purchasing your product or service

Using videos is also a great way to create interactive emails, especially if your main objective is to engage your email subscriber list. Your audience will enjoy it because they are less time consuming to understand the message. Keep it short and sweet! 

Need email marketing?

Let one of the best marketing agencies in Miami help with all your digital marketing needs. At Ocean Front Media, our professionals can help you with your email marketing to drive sales. Contact us today for more information about email marketing.

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