Email marketing strategies for startup businesses

Email marketing strategies for startup businesses

When it comes to creating a successful digital marketing strategy, email marketing is essential. This form of digital marketing outperforms any other digital marketing strategy in terms of engagement and the number of users. 

Why is email marketing so effective? For starters, everyone on the Internet has an email. Secondly, most people check it on a daily basis. Three out of four people check their email inbox throughout the day. SaleCycle found that 59 percent of surveyed consumers said that marketing emails influence their buying decisions. 

Email marketing for startups

Email marketing can be a strong marketing tool for startups. However, many startups struggle to create a strong email list because some of them go into spam inboxes. This causes many consumers to:

• Unsubscribe

• Mark their emails as spam

• Not open their emails

This approach is wrong and can create a bad image for your brand, which can result in losses. Hence, as a startup, you need to start from scratch by building a strong customer base and creating emails that do not push your customers away.

Here are some email marketing strategies from email marketing Miami experts that you can use for your startup. 

Plan out your business’s email marketing goals

There are many reasons why emails are used. For businesses, it is to raise brand awareness, maintain relationships and make sales. That is why It is essential to outline your email marketing campaign's goal so that you know what and when to do to achieve them. Some of the common goals startups have include:

• To build an email list

• To increase sales

• To drive traffic to your site

Once you've decided what your goals are, you can develop emails that meet your objectives.

Avoid creating wordy emails

One mistake that many startups make with emails is creating emails that have a long paragraph. Email readers do not want to open an email and see large text blocks. They want to be able to find their information without feeling overwhelmed. 

If you want to convert your users, the best way is to create emails that have short and precise information with a call to action. In your emails, try to be clear and concise. Another tip that email marketing Miami teams suggest using is sectioning out your text. That way, people can find the information they need and stay longer. 

Create open worthy subject lines

The subject lines of your emails are just as important as the copy in your emails. This small part of the email is what determines whether customers will open your email or not. Convince&Covert reported that 35 percent of email subscribers would open an email solely on the subject line. 

Not using the correct copy on the subject line could lose you sales. The only way you will get your users to open and read your email is by developing interesting and eye-catching subject lines. For instance, "You're missing out on points" is a subject line that draws curiosity and encourages users to open your email.

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