Email Marketing 101

Email Marketing 101

The internet is always changing and new trends come and go. One thing that has stayed the same is a good old email marketing campaign. Business can rely on email marketing interact directly with consumers so they can stay informed. That is why this marketing agency Miami wants to give you the basic 101 on email marketing.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is using emails to promote or sell products and services. However, the definition of a successful email marketing campaign is using emails to develop and maintain a relationship with customers and clients.

Why do businesses need email marketing?

Every business, big or small, can use email marketing to their advantage and triumph. Email marketing is an inexpensive and effective way to reach your existing clients and gain new ones.

Sending emails whether it be a welcome email, promotion or newsletter, can help build and strengthen the business and client relationships. When the slower business months come along you can still keep clients informed and engaged with your business.

Another benefit that can come from email marketing is a boost in sales. Did you know that 23 percent of sales come from email marketing? Those simple email reminders or promotions are driving sales in. Creating an email marketing campaign that reaches your potential clients daily, weekly or monthly can help grow that relationship and increase sales.

The different types of email marketing

Welcome emails

What better way to welcome someone than with a warm greeting!  A welcome email is the first email people receive when they have subscribed to your services. Statistics show that people are more likely to open a welcome email than any other promotion emails. You have one shot to make a good impression, so make it count with the help of a marketing agency Miami!

New content announcement emails

A new content announcement email is when a business announces a new product, service or promotion through the form of an email. Typically the email displays the product/service and includes a description. Add a link to the product and you’ll make the check out process even easier.

Newsletter emails

You are probably much more familiar with this form of email. You probably get updates from online magazines that you are subscribed to. Businesses use newsletters to send their business blogs or updates to the consumer. With the help of a marketing agency Miami, businesses can create a plan for when it is best to send these newsletters.

Invitation emails

Is your business hosting a new, exciting event? An invitation email is perfect to announce an event and keep track of who has RSVPed. Perhaps your event requires you to pay, you can create a landing page on your website and use that link to direct them to make their payments. It will shorten the process of collecting people’s money for the event.

Abandoned cart emails

People love to online shop but sometimes don’t check out67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned! Giving that extra push to get customers to check out can help you finalize that sale.

The benefits of an email marketing campaign are endless and worth the investment. Let the best  marketing agency Miami create a strategy customized to your business. Contact us to start building you those sales and relationships.

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