Does your business need a blog

Does your business need a blog

Competition for businesses, especially local businesses, is tough. Standing out and making yourself unique is exactly how to rise above. With so many businesses already using social media and are creating websites, how do you stand out from the crowd? One word, blogs!  

Blogs are no longer just for the stay at home moms or product reviews, they’re the key to give small and start-up businesses the upper hand. Companies that blog get 60 percent more customers.  Blogging for your business will increase not just in your website traffic but also your sales. Every business could benefit from creating and using a blog in their daily content marketing strategy.

Check out why blogging for your business is a must in today’s digital age.

Blogs increase a businesses website ranking

For any business now a day, it’s important to have a great ranking on Google. Having your website on the first page of Google is like having your business announced on the front of a newspaper. Everyone who goes to the first page will be able to see your site. There is paid ranking but people are more likely to avoid it. In fact, 70 to 80 percent of people ignore paid search. To get ranked higher by Google, businesses need to have a SEO friendly blog. Google loves websites that provide unique and helpful content for consumers. It will improve your websites overall SEO ranking.

Blogging can demonstrate you’re a leader in the industry.

When people think about purchasing a pair of running shoes, what’s the name of the shoe companies that come to mind? Most of the time the first names that come to mind are leaders of the running shoe industry like Nike and Adidas. People recognize the leaders of the industry faster than others. Getting there isn’t easy.

With a well thought out blog, a business can demonstrate that they’re experts in the industry. No one wants to buy a service or product from a company that looks like they know nothing. Creating content that’s informative and useful for an audience will give your company the upper hand.

Blogs will boost the traffic to a businesses website.

All business’ want more people to visit their business. Your website is your online commercial space that people anywhere can visit. Businesses want to increase their traffic flow to their websites to get more clients.

Every time a business writes a blog it will increase its chances of someone finding it online or through social media bringing consumers back their site. Blogs will help you reach new potential clients as well as provide your current customers additional information about that happenings in your industry. Plus with use a proper  SEO strategy, it will increase the overall traffic to the sight.

Effectively blogging for your business, can be too much to handle. Contact us, we’ll be able to create a content strategy that includes blogs. Consider hiring a digital marketing agency that are experts at creating blogs for business.

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