Digital marketing for “boring” products

Digital marketing for “boring” products

When you decided to work in digital marketing, you likely dreamed of working for Starbucks, Apple, or another "fun" and glamorous company. Your head spun with images of pretty Instagram feeds, witty content rich with metaphors and detail, and videos that would make Steven Spielberg wish he would make them. And then life happened, and your current job is marketing for a company that only sells concrete flooring.

Yeah, concrete flooring is about as exciting as watching concrete dry, but as a company who thinks they are boring, there are different ways that a marketing agency Miami can market your company to make it just as fun as the others out there! 

1. Involve others in your story

User Generated Content (USG) is content that has been created and published by unpaid consumers. These unpaid consumers are loyal consumers to this company or brand that is promoting that company because they love their product or services. A great example is Wendy’s. This social media account is fire, as the youth would say. 

But, how would you make concrete flooring or any other “boring” industry more fun with User Generated Content? There are several ways: 

  • Animated videos and graphics with testimonials

  • Implement the holidays with your marketing. (The scariest thing this Halloween season is a cracking floor!) The image could be a small graphic and/ or video that shows a concrete floor cracking and some Halloween related elements. 

  • Know there is a trending business in the community you worked with? Shoutouts! 

Here is a perfect example from PayPal! Almost anyone knows who PayPal is, but at one point in time, no one knew or cared to know who PayPal was and what they were doing! 

In 2013, PayPal was being pushed out of the industry. PayPal was dealing with negative feedback from customers and employees all while receiving no engagement on social media. It was a strategy that was not working. They needed a solution, fast.

Their solution was a social media marketing campaign that would change the approach, delivery and overall impression of PayPal as a whole. Rather than speaking exclusively about themselves, they involved their audience and curated content that would appeal to their taste. As a result, PayPal’s sentiment rating improved by 207 percent engagement shot up by 327 percent and their audience grew by over 300,000.

As many know, PayPal is a Fortune 500 company that is thriving, but using generated content from employees and users helped to create a new persona. 

2. Don't be afraid to be silly

Your product may seem boring and humorless, but your marketing agency Miami certainly will not make it boring or humorless. Digital marketing, especially social media marketing, is an excellent opportunity to poke a little fun at the world, at other brands, or even (maybe especially) at yourself.

94 percent of consumers want a company who is transparent. What the heck is transparent? A company who is real and even play off the rumors. A great example is Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines provides transparency in their own way from showing their pilots, employees, being ‘Tranfarency,’ and calling out other big name competitors.

 If your branding allows for it, a little self-aware humor never hurt! Although you’ll want to tread softly here, at least at first, humor can be a quick way to rocket into the social media marketing stratosphere.

Another way to be transparent is to show that people ACTUALLY work at the company. People want to see people. Our marketing agency Miami express this to clients time and time again. Consumers are oversaturated and tired of seeing stock images. 

Are you donating this holiday season? Post about it. Are you involved in the community? Post about it. Be real, be authentic and be you! 

Any product can be interesting if looked at in the right way. With these tools in your arsenal, we believe you can go out and make cardboard boxes the funniest, most interesting product the world has ever seen.

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