Digital Marketing 101

Digital Marketing 101

Nowadays, everything is digital. Smartphones and social media are changing the way people accomplish everything. The way you get your news, interact with friends and even shop is digital. The internet is becoming the go-to place to search for a product or service. 

Ecommerce Foundation states that 88 percent of consumers in the United States research their products online before purchasing them. Businesses are taking this into account and making the changes. They are adding a digital marketing agency Miami along with their traditional efforts to reach their digital goals!

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing efforts that are done through the internet. There are a variety of ways that digital marketing is referred to, like internet marketing, e-marketing and web marketing. 

Businesses are using digital marketing along with traditional marketing to expand their companies. It is less expensive than traditional marketing, like print advertising, radio and TV commercials and even billboards. 

The different channels of digital marketing

Here are some of the different digital marketing channels that our digital marketing agency Miami professionals can provide. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, is commonly known as SEO, optimizes your site or content to help your website rank higher on search engines. When this process is done correctly, it can help increase the traffic to a site organically. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is using emails and campaigns to promote a service or product. People tend to check their emails constantly throughout the day.  91 percent of email users check their email at least once a day! What better way to promote or grow your brand awareness than with an email. 

Businesses want to keep their audiences engaged and opening their emails instead of tossing the trash or unsubscribing completely. Switching up the different types of emails and creating a strategy can help. Some of the different types of emails that businesses can use in their strategy include: newsletters, welcome, promotional, invitations and abandoned cart emails. 

Content Marketing 

Content marketing is creating content that can create leads, grow brand awareness and generate leads. According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. 

There are a variety of content marketing options available that you can use to meet the needs of your audience and keep them coming back. Some effective forms of content marketing are blogs, videos, infographics and ebooks. 

Social media marketing

Three billion people are using social media in the world. What better way to reach your target audience while they are scrolling throughout the day. That is why businesses are using social media marketing now more than ever! 

Social media marketing is using social media platforms to increase your brand awareness, profits and website traffic. With the use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, companies can reach audiences through a photo or video. Hashtags and tags help your viewers find your content and enable them to share it.

Incorporating a digital marketing strategy along with a traditional one can help your business reach a larger audience and meet your revenue goals. Take the first steps by letting our digital marketing agency Miami experts help you along the way with our digital marketing and SEO services. Contact us to get started

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