A Guide to Hosting Online Events

A Guide to Hosting Online Events

COVID-19 has left many businesses, big and small, to postpone their events. There is no specific time when large gatherings will be allowed again. 

For the time being, many businesses, nonprofit organizations and performers are using digital spaces to bring events to their audience from their homes with virtual functions.

If you had an event planned out or you’re looking to create an online event, here is a guide on how to host a virtual event

What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is an event that is not held in a physical location, but online. This type of event allows participants to connect and view the event from anywhere by using an internet connection. 

What kinds of events can you host online?

There are no limits to what kind of events you host online. Check out some types of events that one of the best marketing agencies Miami Fl professionals suggest you can do. 

Class or course 

An online class or course allows you to teach a regular in-person class or course. This kind of online event can help nonprofits organizations or schools teach courses about volunteering, how-tos or raising awareness. 


Do you have an idea, product or services that you wanted to share in public? You can hold conferences online to attract new customers and generate new leads. This kind of event works perfectly for leadership coaching or business conferences. 


Online performances are a great way to showcase concerts virtually. It gives you the option to do live-streamed shows from at-home performances or past concerts. One example of a successful live stream concert was BTS’s “Bang Bang Con” that was hosted on Youtube and reached 50 million views. 

What programs allow you to host online events?

Nowadays, there are various digital programs and even social media that allow you to host online events. Depending on which program you use, you can host an online event for free while others might charge you a fee. Here is a list of some online platforms you can use on how to host a virtual event. 

The benefits of doing virtual events

Watch from anywhere in the world

There are lots of benefits to hosting a virtual event. One of the main advantages, especially right now, is that it allows you to connect with your audience anywhere. Whether your target audience is in their backyard, home office or living room, as long as they have wifi connection, they can participate in your event. All you need to do is promote your event on social media to let anyone know the details of your event. 

Costs less for you and customers

Aside from making it convenient for hosting a virtual event, it can also save you and your customers' money. These types of events can be done online for free through free software, as stated above. It can save your business some money during this time. Plus, your customers would not have to spend money on purchasing hotel rooms, paying for parking or other conveniences. 

Collect results 

If you are looking for a reliable way to keep track of your results, a virtual event is ideal. Depending on the software that you choose to host your event, you can keep track of how many people attend your event and what questions they are asking. It's an excellent way to keep track and improve on your future events 

Helps your content marketing

An online event allows you to record or save the video event so that you can later use that content as a Youtube video, social media video or attach it to a blog. It can help create content that you can use over time and help you with SEO strategies. 

If you need help creating a digital marketing strategy to promote your online event, let one of the best marketing agencies Miami Fl help! Contact Ocean Front Media today!

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