5 Social Media Mistakes that Small Businesses Make

5 Social Media Mistakes that Small Businesses Make

Social media is helping small businesses grow and generate leads. However, just because your company has social media accounts does not mean automatic success. Research has found that 40 percent of small businesses do not have a social media strategy. 

The digital marketing Miami professionals suggest that your customers could be going to competitors without a proper strategy. To help improve your social media presence, here are five small business social media mistakes

Not posting enough

One mistake that many small businesses make is not posting regularly. If you are posting only once a month, you are losing the opportunity to raise brand awareness. Customers want to stay updated with what your services, sales and company is doing. 

Businesses should establish a content marketing strategy. Plan out the social media posts in advance on a social media calendar. You can then schedule those posts using a third-party app to post. 

Only using one social media platform 

Oftentimes when a small business is starting it will only use one social media platform. However, it is vital for businesses to use other social platforms to reach a wider audience. The reason is because different people spend more time on different socials. 

For example, 70 percent of people between the ages of 30-49 are spending their time on Facebook. In contrast, 74 percent of 18-24 year olds are spending their time on Instagram. 

It is important to note that being on all social media platforms is not ideal. Finding the best social media platforms that your target audience uses is important.  

No branding 

Other small business social media mistakes include not branding. Small businesses will post images without logos or use other people’s images instead of their own. Creating a brand for your business helps people build trust and help people remember your business

Businesses can start to develop a brand by creating a unique logo, message and voice. Start to plan out what you want your business’s voice to be. Do you want it to be casual, business casual or professional?

Not building relationships with the audience 

Social media was designed for people to be social. If your business is not engaging with your audience, you are losing the chance to build trust. Oftentimes small businesses will ignore customers' direct messages or comments. This leaves customers feeling unappreciated and going to competitors instead. 

Statistics have shown that 75 percent of people who message businesses expect them to reply in 24 hours. Being able to answer people's questions and concerns can help establish that credibility. If your company does not have enough time to answer all questions, there is software, Facebook Messenger, that can answer frequently asked questions. 

Selling too much 

One other mistake that small businesses make is being too salesy. Customers do not want to be constantly bombarded with sales posts. It is important for businesses to learn how to balance their sales posts. 

Create useful content that offers solutions to your target audience. Targeting their pain points can help them come back to you for resources and see you as an expert in your industry. Consider creating videos, blogs and infographics that help solve your customers problems. 

Need help with your business’s social media? 

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