5 SEO Mistakes Any Small Business Should Avoid

5 SEO Mistakes Any Small Business Should Avoid

Small to large businesses are taking into account the importance a successful SEO strategy can bring to a business. It can help improve your user experience, build credibility, establish brand awareness and bring in more leads!

What exactly is SEO? 

For those who do not know what SEO is or those who need a refresher, SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a practice of acquiring more organic traffic to a business’s website through the use of search engine ranking. 

Why is improving your ranking on search engines like Google and Bing so important? According to MarTech, 70 to 80 percent of individuals searching on search engines only focus on the organic results. That means they are not clicking the paid advertising that is normally shown at the top of the searches. 

Adding and making sure the correct SEO strategies are being followed can result in more valuable traffic to your business’s website. One way any business owner can ensure that their SEO strategy is by avoiding common SEO mistakes that Fort Lauderdale SEO agency  professionals have seen. 

Here are a few SEO mistakes that every business owner should avoid. 

Not knowing your audience. 

The internet is a vast space! If you are not targeting a specific audience, your website and content are going to get lost. Do not try to target a general audience. 

Start by mapping out your ideal audience and creating a persona. Ask yourself these questions:  

  • Where does he/she live? 

  • How old is he/she? 

  • What is their job? 

  • What problems do they have?

 By analyzing your target audience, you start to create a website and content that fits their needs. 

Not using the correct keywords. 

When it comes to getting your website found, you need keywords! These words will help Google understand your site and recommend it to others. 

Many small business owners fail to recognize the importance of keyword research. This research will help you target the best keywords for your small business’s service or product. If you are unsure of which keywords to your business should be using, contact a Fort Lauderdale SEO agency.

Not having mobile-friendly websites. 

One mistake that small business owners make is they think they do not need a mobile-friendly site. Or they never noticed if their website was mobile optimized. 

Nowadays, a website needs mobile optimization to rank in SERPs. People are using their phones for everything. According to Statista, 52 percent of the world’s web traffic comes from a mobile phone. 

Not creating valuable content. 

When it comes to having a successful SEO strategy, you need high-quality content. Many small businesses make the mistake of not creating, duplicating or making invaluable content. 

Having content on your website can help you gain authority in your niche and put you in advantage to competitors. People will continue to return to your site for weekly updates or when they have a problem. 

No social media presence. 

Believe it or not, but having a strong social media presence can benefit your SEO. Search engines love to see how people are interacting with your business on social media. The better the engagement, the better the rankings. 

Do not let any of these mistakes keep you from growing your small business. Solve these or other SEO mistakes before they become a problem with the help of our Fort Lauderdale SEO agency experts. 

We can help you by optimizing your website, creating high-quality content and increasing your social media engagement. Contact us to see how we can help! 

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