4 Tips to Improve Your Local SEO Ranking

4 Tips to Improve Your Local SEO Ranking

When it comes to finding a chiropractor near you or an HVAC company to fix your AC, what do you use to find one? You might recall a commercial you saw a while ago. Or, like most Americans, you use your phone to Google what is near you. 

This method is one of the ways that your customers are searching and can find your business. To reach those searching for your particular product or service, you need local SEO. Our local SEO Miami experts are here to share with you why this type of SEO is so essential and four local SEO tips every small business owner should know.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a way to improve your business’s website visibility based on location—this type of SEO variation of your existing SEO strategy. The goal for this type of SEO is to help get your business to become visible to people in your business’s location. Local searches include geo indicators like city, zip code, state, etc. or use “near me” - where search engines can use your geolocation. 

Why is local SEO so important?

If your business has a storefront or offers local services, you want customers to know that your services are available. Local SEO gives your business the advantage of driving more foot traffic to your location or calling for assistance. 

Research has found that 46 percent of all Google searches are looking for local information. Not optimizing your business’s website to local searchers can decrease your chances of people finding your business.

Local SEO Tips

Google My Business

What is one way that potential customers will search for your business? Google. One way to get your business found on this massive search engine is by creating a Google My Business Account. Creating this account for your business will help establish your business presence online and show up on Google Maps

Optimize for voice search

With more people using voice search, businesses need to optimize their sites for how people ask questions. The way that people ask questions vs. how they type it in a Google search is very different. A professional can assist you in optimizing your site to help consumers find your business based on their voice searches from Google Home or cell phone. 

Create local content 

It is no secret that creating quality content can help improve your business’s website ranking. Did you know that creating local content as well? Whether your business is doing a local event or activity, creating a blog post or video can assist and draw people’s attention to your business. It can also improve your ranking in a specific area. 

Make your website mobile-friendly

Nowadays, it seems that everyone is on their phones. Research shows that 60 percent of Americans use their mobile devices to search for local services or products. If your website is lacking a mobile-friendly look, it is time for an update. 

According to Hubspot Marketing Statistics, 61 percent of mobile users are more likely to conduct a local business with a mobile-friendly website. Lacking a user-friendly website can be costing you potential leads. 

Whether you need assistance starting creating a successful SEO strategy or a mobile-friendly website, let the local SEO Miami professionals at Ocean Front Media help. We can help your business get more website traffic and brand awareness. Contact us to get started!

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