3 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

3 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

One mistake that small businesses make when starting their marketing is forgetting to develop a social media strategy. They assume that they are too small, lack time or do not have the budget for it.

Whether you are a small business starting up or an established one, ignoring your business’s social media could leave customers going to competitors. 

Why small businesses need social media?

Social media has become an essential way for people to find their next purchase, find entertainment and stay connected with brands. A survey found that 78 percent of consumers are influenced to make a purchase after seeing a company’s social media post. 

Also, social media is becoming a source for companies to provide customer service. Conversocial states that 54 percent of consumers would instead get customer service through social media than phone or email. With correct social media marketing strategies, small businesses can help raise brand awareness and increase leads. 

Social media marketing strategies for small businesses

The digital marketing agency Miami Fl professionals are here to share three social media strategies you can utilize in your small business.

Use chatbots

The use of chatbots on social media is on the rise since it provides you with a way to communicate with your customers without any human interaction. Chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that simulates a conversation through messages or voice. 

They not only allow you to solve problems quickly but also address the main points from your consumers. It provides customers with a quick and fast way to get simple questions answered. Plus, it can be easily integrated into your business's social media platforms. 

Make your content interactive

Nowadays, social media consumers seek brands that have a "human touch" and can interact with them by posting content, commenting and sharing trending pieces. Therefore, integrate humor, emotions and personality in your posts to show your audience you aren't a robot.

You can make your social media interactive by:

• Asking your audience questions

• Liking and sharing their posts

• Asking for their opinions

• Sharing newsworthy information!

Find your ideal social media platforms 

Now that you know why small businesses need social media; it is time to determine the correct social media platforms. As a small business, you probably don't have the revenue to run a digital marketing campaign on all social media platforms. Luckily, you can pick one or two platforms that your target audience uses to accomplish your goals.

Focusing on the right social media channel ensures your efforts reach the right audience who can take action and drive conversions. Most experts recommend starting with Facebook and Instagram since a wider audience uses them. 

Need help developing a social media strategy? 

Ocean Front Media is a digital marketing agency Miami Fl that can help you incorporate social media into your marketing campaign. Contact us today to consult with an expert on social media strategies.

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