Hotel Marketing Strategies for Spring break

When you think of Spring break, what comes to mind? The warm humid weather or beach filled views? According to Travel Agent Central, 53 percent of people from 18 to 34 are planning for Spring break.

For hotels, Spring break means major business. It’s the busiest time of the year for hotels, especially those in the South Florida area. But before hotels can get to Spring Break season, they have to make a game plan. Hotels need to strategize an effective marketing plan on how they can market their hotel to get the most booked rooms during this season. The competition is tough!

Most popular locations of Spring break.

The average spring break time span is between late February to mid-April. The climax for spring break being the month of March. During this time, it’s when most college and universities are in their spring breaks. Attracting and marketing to college students and young adults can be tough competition if your hotel is located in one of these top areas:

  • Cancun

  • Miami Beach

  • South Padre Island

  • Bahamas

  • Jamaica

How can hotels plan for Spring break

Create a social media strategy

Hotels need to take advantage of social media presence. This is done by market research and creating a social media strategy that will target the correct audience. Creating posts that promote hotel deals for spring break which include posts from the events that have taken place in the hotel during this time last year.

Keep in mind the best social media platforms to target your audience. If you’re trying to target millennials you might not want to use Facebook that much. Studies have shown that college students spend much more time on Instagram than on Facebook.

User friendly websites

Now more than ever before people are using their cell phones for everything, especially booking rooms for their next getaway. In fact, one-in-two travelers say that their cellphones were what lead them to making travel plans. It’s more important now than ever before to have your hotel’s website user-friendly.

Your website should be responsive on all devices to ensure you get the most reach. If your website isn’t supported on a cellphone,  it could be costing you valuable reservations. It’s time to hire a web development agency to start creating a user-friendly site.

SEO friendly

With so much competition, make it easier for people to be able to find you hotel’s website. No one who is looking to reserve a hotel room will be looking at the third or forth page on Google. Who are they booking with? The websites that are ranking on the first page. Getting your website on the first page is equivalent to getting your business on the front page of the newspaper.

The best way to get your site on the first page is with SEO. Ocean Front Media develops a user-friendly website then optimizes it to be SEO-friendly. This  will help boost your ranking and increase traffic to your site.

If you’re looking for company that can provide digital marketing and SEO services with website design and development, contact us.


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